Dwight Howard Caught by NBA Bubble’s Snitch Hotline

Dwight Howard recently revealed during an Instagram Live session that someone called reporting him to the anonymous tip line, an outlet the NBA created so people could report potential violations of safety protocols in the NBA bubble.

Howard was reported to the tip line, aka the “snitch line” for not wearing a mask in common areas such as the hotel lobby and player lounges. The Los Angeles Lakers center expressed his annoyance with the NBA’s mask guidelines to reporters.

From USA Today:

“I personally don’t see a risk of us getting it during the time period that we’re here,” Howard said. “We’re not allowed to leave the bubble. We’re only around each other every day. I just feel like it would be pointless for somebody to say anything.

“I understand outside of this bubble, wearing a mask in different places is very important. So I wouldn’t say that it’s not needed. But since we are here in this bubble and we’re the only ones here, and the staff and everyone is getting tested every day, I feel like we’re safe.”

While Howard is right that NBA players, coaches, and other staff are not allowed to leave the bubble, many of the Disney World employees are not held to those same rules.

Keep that mask on Dwight, better safe than sorry.