Crazy Blockbuster Trade: James Harden to the Warriors for Four Players and Picks


Sorry for the clickbaity title, but I just came up with the perfect trade for both the Rockets and Warriors.

Hear me out. James Harden doesn’t have to waste another year on the Rockets, carrying the team to the playoffs just to make another early exit and instead can join a proven contender in the Warriors. This also gives Russell Westbrook the chance to run the ball hog style of offense he loves right in Houston. In return for Harden and 40-year-old P.J. Tucker, the Rockets will get James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins, Eric Paschall, Kevon Looney and all of the Warriors’ picks for the next two years. These are young players with high-upsides that you can build a franchise around, and the Rockets can scrap their small ball plans which obviously don’t work.

The Warriors are going to be lacking a lot of the depth they once had in the forward/center slots, which is why Tucker is an underrated piece in this trade.

It’s a win-win, who do you think says no? And if any GMs are reading this, I am available for hire.