Chris Paul Scored 61 Points in Honor of His Grandfather

Chris Paul scored 61 points in high school to honor his late grandfather, who was murdered in 2002 at 61 years old.

After scoring 61 points, the star point guard and senior class president at West Forsyth High School intentionally missed a free throw and asked his coach to pull him out. Chris then walked over to the bench and embraced his father in tears.

“It was just like everything came out of him,” Charles Paul said. “He just walked over to me and gave me a hug. He just fell in to my arms. It just tore me up because of what he had just done.”

Chris was 6 points shy of the state record, but that never crossed his mind. He said the incredible moment on the court helped with the pain.

“I believe it makes me stronger but it’s so hard because … we’re still getting through it,” he said. “My granddad did so much for our family that it’s unreal. It’s hard to go on right now … I’m thankful for my granddad and I’ll never forget him. Ever.”